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Book 13 of the Dorset Boy Series.

Viscount Stockley and his family remain in India. The third Maruthan war is well underway under the command of Francis Hastings. A victory will give the EIC dominance over India. A renegade French Consul is supporting the Maruthans and its up to Marty and Frances Ridgley to winkle him out. Popular support for the Maruthans against the East India Company is rife and a plot emerges but is not what it seems. The squadron and young James are kept busy combating pirates in the sea of Bengal and supporting the Army in its mission to eliminate the scourge of the Pindaris. The finale comes when Sir Thomas Stanford Bingley Raffles asks for Marty's help to found a free port on Singapore Island. Ship wrecks, a major sea battle and intrigue all play a part in this adventure.

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