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ISBN-13: 978-1712067468

Book 7 of the Dorset Boy Series


It’s winter 1807 and Marty gets some rare home time, but he isn’t allowed to rest peacefully the French have it in for him and Napoleon has placed a huge reward on his head, dead or alive. Unable to get to him directly they try and use his family as leverage resulting in a daring rescue and the uncovering of a mole in the Foreign Office. Then he joins up with Sidney Smith and gets involved in the rescue of the Portuguese royal family when the French invade. Hood gets him involved with Thomas Cochrane, possibly the most successful of all the frigate captains, at the Battle of Basque Roads and he discovers that even success cannot protect you against the political powers that be if you cross the wrong man. The story concludes with another trip to the Indian Ocean and another conflict with the French Intelligence Service. Adventure, Action and passion


Published December 2019

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