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Book 10 of the Dorset Boy Series


Prince George finally gets his way and makes Marty a Viscount and the Navy promote him to Commodore, but what's the catch? He is a political hot potato in England after killing Graves, the slaver, and the powers that be decide that to get him out of the way his talents are best directed towards South America. 

Wellington is kicking Napoleon out of the peninsula and the British government realize that Spain could become a major competitor to their world trade if they can regain control of their South American holdings. Bolivar has led Columbia to independence and Venezuela and Argentina are close behind. The British do not want that to stop. The other problem in the region is that the war of 1812 with America is at its height and America is sending privateers to raid the Caribbean to disrupt British trade..  

Marty is made Governor of Aruba and publicly his squadron is to help counter the privateer threat, his real mission to encourage the Juntas to fight for independence in a way that cannot be attributed to Britain.

The finale is his recall to Britain in 1814 to be one of the commissioners who escort Napoleon into exile on the island of Elba, what he discovers there convinces his masters that the war will not be over until Napoleon is dead or removed far enough away to be neutralized. Another all action book in The Dorset Boy Series.

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