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Treasure of the Serpent God eBook Cover.jpg

Treasure of the Serpent God

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0B94X8SPW

Charlie and Etherton are introduced to the scholar Lord Kingsborough, who believes that the Mayan are descended from a lost tribe of Israel and has produced an unpublished volume of his collection of Mayan writings that point to the location of artefacts that could prove it. Seamus Quinlan, the head of one of the biggest gangs of London and old family acquaintance, commissions our heroes to find the treasure and bring it back to England. The quest takes them to the Yucatan where they search for lost Mayan ruins, fight bandits and the devious and dangerous Fredy, Lord King's cousin who wants the treasure for himself. Chased into Honduras they are robbed of their prize and follow it to New York where they find themselves in the midst of a gang war between the Mafia and the Germans. Set in a world based in an alternate history, where engineering took a left turn and stayed in the age of steam. Full of beautiful women, dastardly villains, danger and excitement. Charlie and Etherton at their SteamPunk best

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