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ISBN-13: 979-8719964676

In the conclusion to the Scarlett series we see Scarlett start a family, and have to face the revenge of the de la Cerdas that results in the loss one of her brothers. She joins Admiral Henry Morgan on a raid on Cuba, establishes an independent settlement and sanctuary for escaped slaves, and faces the horror of her son catching swamp fever. Her relationship with the Carib Indians is leveraged by the French to gain more land on St Lucia which tests both her patience and her negotiating skills. A raid on Venezuela with Morgan is the prelude to them forming the biggest fleet ever seen in the Caribbean to raid Panama. Determined to retire a last golden opportunity presents itself before she is summoned to England to be witness to the trial of Henry Morgan and Governor Modyford for attacking the Spanish while they and Britain were under treaty. Hurricanes, loss, love and high action all contribute to this all action story.

Published by Lume Books
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