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Its 1812.  A year of political instability in Britain. The government is unpopular; high taxes to pay for the war, the industrial revolution and the resulting unemployment are the root causes of social unrest. To make life even more complicated the Americans are threatening war along the Canadian border, opening a second front.  Marty neutralises a threat to his operations on the peninsula by travelling to Paris, gets diverted to North America to prevent a French attempt to provoke an early start to that war, then goes back to Spain for the battle of Salamanca.  The action builds as he supports Malta, which is denuded of troops to support Wellington in Spain and discovers a white slavery operation that is taking young girls from England and selling them in North Africa. Their children kidnapped and shipped to Tortuga by the gang responsible; Marty and Caroline return to the Caribbean to attempt a rescue.  Another all action adventure instalment of The Dorset Boy series .

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