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ISBN-13: 978-1070507668


Book 5 of the Dorset Boy Series


It's 1804 and the political elite are worried that the level of piracy in the Caribbean is beginning to affect the wealth of the nation.  The French, Americans, Dutch, and Spanish are all preying on British merchantmen and the Royal Navy is stretched beyond its limits.  Admiral Lord Hood, Head of Naval Intelligence, is asked to help out and sends Marty and his crew in an old Jackass Frigate, The Tempest, disguised as privateers, to infiltrate, disrupt and if possible destroy the pirates in their home bases. Discovering a French Government attempt to coordinate all the pirate groups against the British, Marty enters into a running battle with their agent.   Life gets more complicated when his wife, the unstoppable Lady Caroline Candor, sails to his rescue and then refuses to go home.  Building to a stunning climax where Marty makes Captain then has a sea chase and battle to capture a Spanish treasure fleet.


Published June 2019

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