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Book 11 of the Dorset Boy Series


It is the year 1815 and Napoleon has returned to France after his one-hundred days of exile on the island of Elba, Marshal Ney has surrendered the French army to him and the King has fled to Belgium. Marty takes it personally and takes the team to Paris to try and eliminate the threat at source. Unsuccessful he joins Wellington in Belgium and takes part in the decisive battle of Waterloo. Defeated, Napoleon runs for Paris hotly persued by the Prussians and to avoid capture and execution by the vengeful Germans he surrenders to a British ship. Marty gets the job of taking him to his final place of exile in the South Atlantic. The rock fortress of St Helena. On his return to England he finds his aid has been requested by the Governor of Ceylon. Caroline makes the trip a family affair and Beth shows her true abilities as a budding agent.

Another all action and sometimes heartbreaking tale from the Dorset Boy.

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