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  • ASIN : B0D6W5KZ95

Book 16  of the Dorset Boy Series

1827, the Ottomans offer the Egyptians any part of Greece they can subdue, taking the people into slavery and replacing them with Muslims. The great powers are split, some like the Austrians support the Ottomans but three do not. Britain, Russia and, a reluctant, France sign the Treaty of London which stipulates that Greece should be self governing under the umbrella of the Ottoman Empire and that the Ottomans will cease all hostilities, Vice Admiral Martin Stockley is given his first fleet command, to take over the Mediterranean Fleet and to enforce the treaty on the belligerents. The result is the battle of Navarino.

The tragic death of James Turner from Cholera places Marty at the head of the Foreign and Overseas Branch of British Intelligence. How will he cope with sailing a desk and what style of espionage will he bring to the service. Meanwhile his son James is carrying on the sailing part of the family tradition as part of the Ionian Patrol and develops a fascination for steam.

Intrigue, war at sea and the entry of the marvellous new age of steam.

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