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I am a descendent of a long line of Dorset clay miners and have chased my family tree back to the 16th century in the Isle of Purbeck. I have been a public speaker at conferences for most of my career in the  Aerospace and Automotive industries and was one of the founders of a successful games company back in the 1990’s. Now in my sixties I finally got around to writing the story I had been dreaming about for years.  Thanks to Inspiration from the great sea authors like Alexander Kent, Dewey Lambdin, Patrick O’Brian and Dudley Pope I was finally able to put digit to keyboard.


Published Books

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A Talent For Trouble - The Number 1  best seller in the USA and Australia

October 2018

In the late 18th Century life was cheap and you had fight to survive. Martin Stockley at 12 years old was underfed and undersized as the youngest of nine in a Dorset clay miner's family and was probably doomed to die, worn out and broken at a very young age in the clay mines of Dorset. But he had a sharp mind, had learned to read, write and do his numbers and had a fascination for maps. A stroke of good fortune sees him escape that destiny and be taken on as a Ship's Boy and Under Steward to the Captain in the Royal Navy Frigate the Falcon. What follows is a chronicle of his talent for getting into and out of trouble at Gibraltar, the siege of Toulon and against Barbary pirates. Luck and a lot of Dorset courage sees him at the centre of a series of adventures. Blood, guts, a beautiful Contessa and prize money. What more could a young lad from Dorset ask for?

The Special Operations Flotilla

November 2018

The second in the Dorset boy series has arrived.  Midshipman Martin Stockley is fifteen years old and back in the Falcon for another tour at sea. Returning from a trip to the Nordics as part of a prize crew he is unexpectedly summoned to the Admiralty. The following meeting with Admiral Lord Hood and William Wickham twists his career in the Navy in a direction he never expected and his talent for trouble is suddenly in demand. Add to the mix a beautiful widow and you have a story full of adventure, derring do and romance. He ends up back in Toulon with the beautiful French spy Linette where he is tasked with finding out what the hell Napoleon is up to amassing thousands of troops and hundreds of ships on the Mediterranean coast.

Agent Provocateur

January 20, 2019

Newly promoted to lieutenant and made commander of the cutter Lark, Marty continues his adventures in the Special Operations Flotilla of the Royal Navy. Doing the jobs normal officers will not do because they see them as dishonorable, Marty's peasant roots are an asset to William Wickham, the spymaster of Britain, and Admiral Lord Hood, the secret head of Navy covert operations.  Betrayal in the Batavian Republic, the Coup of the 19thNovember, Pirates in Madagascar and an explosive encounter with Arthur Wellesley in India keep our boy busy. His love affair with Lady Caroline continues, titillating the gossips of London and enthralling ladies all over Britain.

In Dangerous Company

April 19th 2019

In this Fourth book of The Dorset Boy series its 1802, peace is declared in Europe and India is in a state of change.  The East India Company is gradually gaining control, but the problem of pirate attacks from their base at Réunion on East Indiamen ships in the Indian Ocean is getting worse.   On top of that Maharaja Holkar, who is no friend of the British, has had enough of the internal bickering’s of the Maratha Nobles and is on the march to capture Pune and eliminate the Peshwa.  With a daring rescue Marty helps Arthur Wellesley get the Bassein Accord in place. 1803 sees our hero back in Europe, just in time for the war with France to start up again.  Put in charge of the Special Operations Flotilla, he discovers that being in command is very different than being number two, that failure is as likely as success and has its consequences.   Ship to ship and shore actions, love, loss, revenge and a little business on the side, Marty and Caroline, Blaez and their followers move from one adventure to the next leaving a trail of destruction and pain for the French.

The Tempest. Number one best seller!

June 7th 2019

It's 1804 and the political elite are worried that the level of piracy in the Caribbean is beginning to affect the wealth of the nation.  The French, Americans, Dutch, and Spanish are all preying on British merchantmen and the Royal Navy is stretched beyond its limits.  Admiral Lord Hood, Head of Naval Intelligence, is asked to help out and sends Marty and his crew in an old Jackass Frigate, The Tempest, disguised as privateers, to infiltrate, disrupt and if possible destroy the pirates in their home bases. Discovering a French Government attempt to coordinate all the pirate groups against the British, Marty enters into a running battle with their agent.   Life gets more complicated when his wife, the unstoppable Lady Caroline Candor, sails to his rescue and then refuses to go home.  Building to a stunning climax where Marty makes Captain then has a sea chase and battle to capture a Spanish treasure fleet.


October 23rd 2019

Marty is now a Captain and is waiting for his next ship, while his flotilla is undergoing refit after the depredations of the Caribbean he is asked to recover jewels and top secret documents stollen by a spurned lover of Prince George, leading to a race across Spain. Admiral Hood redeploys they S.O.F. to Gibraltar and William Wickham assigns them a new intelligence officer but what they don't expect is to get involved in a major counter espionage operation in Malta.  Marty meets and befriends Rear Admiral Sir Sidney Smith at the battle of Maida and his nemesis from the Caribbean, de Faux, turns up and vendetta is declared.  A fast moving adventure full of action, suspense and surprises.

The Trojan horse

December 7th 2019

It’s winter 1807 and Marty gets some rare home time, but he isn’t allowed to rest peacefully the French have it in for him and Napoleon has placed a huge reward on his head, dead or alive.  Unable to get to him directly they try and use his family as leverage resulting in a daring rescue and the uncovering of a mole in the Foreign Office.  Then he joins up with Sidney Smith and gets involved in the rescue of the Portuguese royal family when the French invade. Hood gets him involved with Thomas Cochrane, possibly the most successful of all the frigate captains, at the Battle of Basque Roads and he discovers that even success cannot protect you against the political powers that be if you cross the wrong man.  The story concludes with another trip to the Indian Ocean and another conflict with the French Intelligence Service.Adventure, Action and passion.


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These are the people that help take the raw manuscript of my story and make it into the publishable entity called a book

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Jackson from Creative Soul Editing and Kate from Blondie Marie are my editors and save me from making a complete fool of myself You can find them at

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Dawn is the wonderful artist that creates the covers and makes the books look as good as they do.  She can be found at

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Wild Horse Recording

Daryl from is the genius who edits the Audiobooks narrated by Grant Stimpson


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